Naabaya Foundation was founded in 2018 and was registered as a National Organization by South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) in 2021 under registration No. 3750, chapter 3, Section 10 of NGOs Act 2016. It was established with the mandate to improve livelihood of youth and women in the rural areas of South Sudan. Our main office is located in Tambura County, Western Equatoria State and our representatives in Juba and Yambio. Naabaya Foundation prime moto is walking and working together as family to improve lives in the community. 

The Foundation has a mandate to work across the country, targeting children, Youth and Women in rural areas of South Sudan. We work with the poor agriculture farmers, uneducated girl child, dropout students, poor and needy women, and unemployed youth. We work to build the capacity of these groups and to support diverse groups striving for change and better life. 

Human Resource development is a vital part of our work. We ensure that the community is trained and skilled, as well as organized. We maximize the potential of the community to take charge of its own development. We believe in maximizing its impact by transferring field experiences into knowledge.

Naabaya Foundation embraces the concept of community based and community driven development in which the community is involved in the project concepts and planning through implementation.

In order to realize its mission, Naabaya Foundation promote networking with other NGOs, CBOs, CSOs, media groups, donor agencies and concerned stakeholders for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


We foster a vibrant community where people support, strengthened, and enhance the quality of life through education, Health, Agriculture, civic engagement and economic empowerment.


We believe in an improved society proactively and progressively guide their Education, health, agricultures and economic welfare through partnerships


Walking and working together as a family to improve lives at the local community


  • Services with humility

  • Accountable

  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Inclusion

  • Stewardship

  • Transparency

  • Collaborations


  • To empower young people with information skills and tools to enable them utilize their knowledge and skills.

  • To work for the social development of underprivileged individuals, groups and communities in South Sudan

  • To encourage healthcare development and health promotion in the community

  • To strengthen linkages between communities and external donors, government, market players and development partners.

  • Promote measures to enhance food productivity, value addition and access to markets and credit facilities.

  • Promote enterprise development for increased rural participation in market place and increase household incomes.

  • To establish community Micro credit scheme

  • To uphold human rights and in particular the rights of children, women, and young people


We utilize the skills and experiences of our volunteers and the support from our sponsors to provide opportunities for education, livelihood, agriculture and enterprises skills development.

  • Community based service delivery and interventions

  • Community mobilizations and system strengthening
  • Partnership building and development
  • Community participation and commitment
Help Someone’s Dream Come True Transform The Lives Of Orphaned Children & Change Their Story

Naabaya hails from Bariwara village in a town called Ri Rangu in Yambio County, Republic of South Sudan



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