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Meeting with missio in Vienna, Austria

Dr. Tamburo M. Renzi, the Executive Director of Naabaya Foundation, in a meeting with Prof. Peter Dr. Karl Waliner Ocist, Nationaldirektor von missio Osterreich in Vienna, Austria.

The meeting was cordial and focused on possible ways on how the missio could support the programs of Naabaya Foundation.
We thank you for offering us the opportunity to meet you in your office on Seilerstate in Vienna, Austria.

World Bank Group-Africa Education Fellowship Program


  • Master’s degree holders with three to four years of relevant experience, Ph.D. candidates (in their last year of enrollment) or recent graduates (within three years of Ph.D. completion) from Sub-Saharan Africa are eligible to apply for the World Bank Group (WBG)-Africa Education Fellowship Program. Deadline: February 28, 2022
  • WBG-Africa Education Fellows are eligible to spend six months gaining hands-on experience at WBG headquarters in Washington, D.C., or country offices.
  • Fellows will work within the Education sector, focusing on research, economic policy, technical assistance, and/or lending operations that contribute to the WBG goal of eliminating poverty and increasing shared prosperity.

WASHINGTON, January 25, 2022 — The World Bank Group (WBG) Education Global Practice and the Africa Chief Economist Office announce the opening of applications for the 2022 WBG-Africa Education Fellowship Program for master’s degree holders, Ph.D. candidates and recent Ph.D. graduates who are Sub-Saharan Africa nationals. Women are highly encouraged to apply, especially those interested in Education Technology.


The WBG-Africa Education Fellowship Program targets young, talented African nationals who are master’s degree holders with three to four years of relevant experience who are completing or have recently completed their Ph.D. in an area relevant to the World Bank’s work in the Education sector. This Education sector-specific fellowship program builds on the model of the broader WBG Africa Fellowship Program.

The WBG-Africa Education Fellowship Program aims to develop a strong pipeline of young African talent interested in building careers in development, working with international institutions, governments, think tanks, the private sector and academia to improve education in developing countries.
The fellowship will allow participants to work in any of the regional or global Education units of the WBG, thereby promoting diverse voices across the World Bank. The program offers chosen fellows a six-month assignment at WBG offices in Washington, D.C., or a country office to gain hands-on experience in WBG operations. This includes knowledge generation and dissemination, design of global and country policies, and the building of institutions to achieve inclusive growth in developing countries.

While benefitting from a rich array of experiences in the Education sector and collaborations with other sectors, fellows will also work on research, economic policy, technical assistance, and lending operations that contribute to the World Bank’s goal of eliminating poverty and increasing shared prosperity. Through the fellowship, we aim to build the capacity of the next generation of African change makers in Education development research and policymaking, and promote the goals of reducing poverty in the region.

Past fellows from the broader WBG Africa Fellowship Program have proven to be valuable resources for their hiring units. They contribute to the work program of their respective units and to the World Bank’s mission.

WBG-Africa Education Fellows will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the WBG’s mission and operations
  • Access quality data for their research work
  • Interact with seasoned education experts in the field of development
  • Contribute to the WBG’s overall mission


  • Be a Sub-Saharan Africa national
  • Be a master’s degree holder with three to four years of relevant experience; recent Ph.D. graduate (within three years of completion) or be enrolled in the last year of the Ph.D. program

o  Education specialization: Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Secondary Education (general and TVET), Tertiary education, Education Technology, Education Management, Curriculum and Instructional Design, Evaluation, Education Economics, etc.


o  Other related fields:  Economics, Public Policy, other Human Development or Social sector, STEM and other related areas, etc.

  • Have an excellent command of English, both written and verbal. Fluency in other languages such as French or Portuguese is highly desirable
  • Possess strong quantitative and analytical skills
  • Be under the age of 32 by the closing of the application period
  • Young African women who are eligible are encouraged to apply, especially those interested in Education Technology.


The selection process consists of two phases:

In the first phase, a short-list of candidates will be made available for hire to the different Education units of the WBG depending on applicants’ specialization and business needs of the units. Applicants will be notified about the status of their application or whether they have been shortlisted or not.

In the second phase, the final list of fellows will be selected in consultation with the various Education units of the WBG. When the selection is complete, all shortlisted candidates will be informed of their selection status.


Our Health Care Support

Women and youth are helped to access information on basic health services.

Basic hygiene program Health information Provision of sanitary towels HIV/AIDS education and Supports Peer to peer counseling Sexual reproductive health service Psychosocial support and counseling services Solicit, source and supply health care services and products

Arts, Culture & Sports at Naabaya

Skills training and economic empowerment. We deliver various sports-based activities in order to engage the youth in peaceful sporting activities in the community.

Hand crafts Carpentry Weaving Pottery Painting Dressmaking

Education Programs at Naabaya

We work with our partners and donors agencies to support education program in the community. This includes purchase of school materials for poor children and children with disability in the community. Through your supports we provide scholarships to children in the community.

Educational Materials

Child sponsorship

Community School project

Community Library and computer center

After school program

Scholarship programs

Naabaya hails from Bariwara village in a town called Ri Rangu in Yambio County, Republic of South Sudan



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