It’s the biochemical and physiological process by which an organism uses food to support it’s life.
It provides organisms with nutrients which can be metabolism to create energy and chemical structures.
Failure to obtain sufficient nutrients can lead to challenges in the body.

Nutrients are the good things that we get through good food which we need to nourish and nurture ourselves, and to be happy and healthy people. In scientific terms, nutrition is the supply of food that we need as an organism to feed our cell and keep them alive, we can get nutrients from products such as vitamins supplements, however when we talk about nutrition we mostly mean the nutrient we get from food.

Without nutrition, we grow weak, sick and at the very worst we can even die. We miss developmental milestones and can not put our bodies through the daily mental and physical tasks that we need them to. We are not able to grow and may also be unable to reproduce.
Nutrients are the fuel we need to enable the body to break down food.

The healthy human body needs seven different kinds of nutrients to thrive proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals fibre and water. Macronutrients are the ones we need lots of while with micronutrients ( the vitamins and minerals) we can get by with a bit less vitamins are the most commonly known micronutrients which are essential organic compounds that the body needs to function.

Written by: Martina Sangara Desderio, a student of St. Mary Health Science Training Institute in Juba, South  Sudan.

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Naabaya Foundation Distributes Soap and Salt to 150 vulnerable Women in Tambura County

Naabaya Foundation organization on Saturday 4th December 2021 distributed basic needs materials to vulnerable women at the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in Tambura County of Western Equatoria State. 150 vulnerable women and elderly people were given salt and soaps as packages for Christmas festival season.

Naabaya Foundation was funded in 2018 and was registered as a national organization in July 2021 in Juba. Its head office in Tambura County. The organization aims at supporting vulnerable children, youth, women and elderly people in the communities in South Sudan. It also educates the community on basic hygiene and promotes good agriculture practices. The organization promotes education and encourages girls who dropouts from school to either go back to school or involve in income generating activities.

Capi Joseph Nafuoni, the coordinator of the organization, during the distribution said “One of their primary programs is to work with the vulnerable people in the community, use local skills to improve the livelihood of the communities.
“We sat down as an organization and thought about what we can do to help our elderly women, so we came up with an idea of raising money to buy soaps and salt that we are going to give you today”. Capi said.

Honorable Mathew Mabenge, the Commissioner of Tambura County thanked Naabaya Foundation for the initiative to support vulnerable women at the IDP camp who are unable to get basic needs for their daily lives.
He said “it was a blessing to support vulnerable mothers or women in the society. He encouraged the organization to continue rendering services to the community, especially for the youth, women and girls who have been severely affected by the conflict that has displaced thousands of people in Tambura “.

Meanwhile, Margret Dagbayosa, women representative who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries appreciated the organization for supporting women and mothers at the IDPs camp.
“We are so thankful to Naabaya Foundation for taking the initiative to support us the mothers and elderly women in the IDPs camp. Some of us who are living in the camp here are unable to get these basic needs, there are no people who cares for us .or who buy salt and soap for us as  you have done it today, we are so grateful, this help will push us for some time”. Margaret said.

Two months ago, the organization organized basic health education and nutrition program aimed at sensitizing the IDPs in Tambura County.


In Solidarity With The Children at the IDP Camp In Tambura.

The coordinator of Naabaya Foundation Mr. Capi Joseph entertains children at the internal displaced camp (IDPs) in Tambura County. This exercise is meant to alleviate children from the effect of the recent conflicts which displaced over Eighty Thousand (80,000) people into the neighboring Counties. Some of these children lost their parents while others do not know where their parents are.


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Naabaya hails from Bariwara village in a town called Ri Rangu in Yambio County, Republic of South Sudan



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