In South sudan, access to clean drinking water and sanitation is a big challange. According report conducted by UNICEF (https://www.unicef.org/southsudan) about fifty per cent (50%) lacks acess to cleaning drinking water and ten per cent (10%) of the population have access to improved sanitation facilities. This figure put the population at risk of waterborne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea, which the common causes of death among children in South Sudan.

Many schools and health care centers lack hand washing facilities, enough latrines, poor water and solid waste disposal, and lack of safe drinking water drinking facilities. Naabaya Foundation aims at improving the water, sanitation and hygiene standards in schools and healthcare centers through:

  • Construction of safe water facilities e.g. boreholes and installation of community piped water facilities.

  • Construction of toilets / pit latrines especially separate toilets for girls
  • Provision of personal hygiene education to students in schools
  • Provision of water tanks to schools
  • Working with partners who can provide WASH facilities.
  • Scholarship programs

Help Someone’s Dream Come True Transform The Lives Of Orphaned Children & Change Their Story

Naabaya hails from Bariwara village in a town called Ri Rangu in Yambio County, Republic of South Sudan



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